Ski area Tschiertschen

Ski slopes

14 ski slopes, 32.0km
  • novice15.0km
  • intermediate14.0km
  • expert3.0km

Ski lifts

Total lifts 5

Ski pass

Currency: swiss franc
Daycard adult 61
6-day card 233
Daycard child 41
6-day card 78


Intermediate (<=2000m) 78%
High (<=3000m) 22%

Slope angle

Bit steep 9%
Steep 4%
Very steep 2%
Extrem. steep 1%


North 48%
East 47%
West 5%

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Gemeindeverwaltung Tschiertschen-Praden Gemeindehaus 7063 Praden Switzerland
Tschiertschen Graubunden Switzerland

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