Paesana / Piemonte

alt. 1500m

Pian Munè - Paesana Piemonte


Courtesy of Comune Crissolo

Crissolo - Piazza Umberto I

Courtesy of Comune Crissolo

Villar Perosa

Courtesy of Dario Geographic


Courtesy of Comune Perrero

Vista centro incontri Bisalta

Courtesy of Provincia di Cuneo

Argentera - Colle della Maddalena

Courtesy of Astraservizi

Weather report

Heavy rain forecasted today. Temperature low 8 °C, high 11 °C. Freezing level at 2563 meters. Wind at 10km/h E.

Snow alert

Snow alert Tuesday April 23

lower 0cm
mid 1cm
upper 4cm

The upper slopes will receive 4cm today

Snow forecast

5-day snow forecast

lower cm
mid 1cm
upper 7cm

The upper slopes will receive 7cm in the next 5 days

Ski area

The ski area of Paesana consists of 16km of skiing slopes between 1500-2060m altitude. There are 7km of blue, 7km of red and 2km of black slopes. The skiarea is serviced by 3 lifts.

Ski map


The ski region Paesana was voted an average of 5.0 by our visitors.


Closest transit point for ski destination Paesana is Torino airport. The travel distance is 78.8 km which equals an est. travel time of 1 hour 18 mins.


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