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Overall 67 Skiing 69Skiregion 71
7.0 7.67.4 7.76.5 7.06.5 7.06.6 7.4
6.8 7.66.3 7.17.1 7.76.8 7.05.7 7.4

5.4 Sauze doulx, Piemonte

Novice 5Advanced 6Expert 5Off-Piste 5Snow 4
Family 6Ambiance 7Nature 6Walking 6Lifts 4

Sauze d’Oulx sits on a sloping mountain shelf facing north-west to the mountains b*ing France. It is a mid-sized resort. The Via Lattea or Milky Way lift pass covers not only next-door Sestriere and Sansicario, easily reached by lift and piste, but also the more remote slopes of Claviere and Montgenevre. Sauze has an arratic snow record and far from comprehensive snowmaking system. ...

pro Short airport/train transfer con Snow reliability

Review by K. Levine from Dublin on Monday May 4th. Visited Sauze doulx in march 2015 as single

6.8 Sauze doulx, Piemonte

Novice 7Advanced 8Expert 7Off-Piste 6Snow 6
Family 7Ambiance 7Nature 8Walking 7Lifts 5

Most runs in Sauze are classified as red (although some will seem more like blacks) and are fairly short, with the exception of run 12 - so youll probably ski the same ones over and over again. Once youve mastered the area you can venture out towards Sestriere or Montgenevre/Claviere in the other direction. With a Vialattea pass youll have access to 400km of interlinked pistes so there is huge area to explore! ...

pro Budget resort con Short slopes

Review by Matt from Dublin on Tuesday Aug 4th. Visited Sauze doulx in february 2015 as friends

6.8 Sauze doulx, Piemonte

Novice 8Advanced 7Expert 7Off-Piste 7Snow 7
Family 7Ambiance 6Nature 7Walking 7Lifts 5

The ski area really is massive with good links to the other resorts, including the opportunity to ski into France. This being Italy none of the runs are really difficult, including the Olympic runs, just a lot of fun.

Nightlife can be as crazy as you want it. There are lots of bars, with happy hours and lots of live music. This being Italy prices are not too high.

On the downside the lift system realy needs some updating. ...

Review by Pele Monch from Milano on Wednesday Mar 5th. Visited Sauze doulx in march 2013 as couple

6.5 Sauze doulx, Piemonte

Novice 7Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 6
Family 7Ambiance 7Nature 7Walking 7Lifts 5

Sauze d'Oulx (Via Lattea) is just great. Via Lattea offers so much skiing area, even if the lift system really needs to be updated. It was freezing on some of the chairs, I would have loved a bubble to keep the cold out, and if they were faster it would have helped too. Apres-ski is brilliant, prices good, atmosphere in the bars, live music, great restaurants, just cannot fault the resort at all ...

Review by Lydia Curtis from Leeds on Sunday Jan 23rd. Visited Sauze doulx in january 2011 as couple

6.6 Sauze doulx, Piemonte

Novice 6Advanced 8Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 7
Family 7Ambiance 6Nature 7Walking 7Lifts 6

Sauze d'Olux is mostly a red run resort and even the few blacks I'd really call reds. I went to all the resorts in the Milky Way: Pragelato Sestrieree, Sanscario, Clavier and a day trip to Montgenevre, in France. The lifts can shut at the first sign of bad weather (this is generally in the afternoons and will get as bad as 5 meter visibility), weekends are really busy with the locals but even then the longest I waited for a chair lift was 10 mins, the ski plod are always on the lookout for an off-pister which will cost you a few euros! All piste restaraunts were fantastic and great value although the day in France was extremely expensive so keep some euros for that. ...

Review by Christina Yates from London on Wednesday May 5th. Visited Sauze doulx in march 2010 as single

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