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Overall 70 Skiing 67
7.6 7.67.0 7.76.0 7.06.2 7.06.2 7.4
7.8 7.67.0 7.17.8 7.77.4 7.06.5 7.4

7 Cortina dAmpezzo, Veneto

Novice 8Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 4
Family 8Ambiance 7Nature 9Walking 9Lifts 6

Cortina d’Ampezzo is often referred to as being the most beautiful ski resort in the world. While the slopes here are perfectly practicable, winter sports tend to take a back seat to other activities, such as socializing or simply enjoying the spectacular landscape.


Review by Brenda from Ny on Friday Jan 24th. Visited Cortina dAmpezzo in february 2013 as couple

6.9 Cortina dAmpezzo, Veneto

Novice 7Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 7
Family 8Ambiance 6Nature 8Walking 7Lifts 7

True, the area IS fragmented BUT you should be able to ski in one area for a day and not get bored. The drive up to the Cinque Torri area was easy and well worth it – but even that far from the resort there was evidence that the bus was getting there on a regular basis. One the first day we chose to ski the blues and reds of the Socrepes area. The sun shone the whole time we were there and there was not a breath of wind. These slopes are immaculately groomed and even on the Saturday they were very quiet. This would be a great place to learn to ski as the pistes are as wide as can be and within the trees. Very pretty and they have great views over the town. It was hard to believe th...

con Accessebility ski-area pro Wide slopes

Review by Oliver File from Glasgow on Thursday Oct 18th. Visited Cortina dAmpezzo in february 2007 as friends

7.1 Cortina dAmpezzo, Veneto

Novice 8Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 7
Family 8Ambiance 7Nature 8Walking 7Lifts n.a.

Zeer mooi wintersportdorp, met prachtige vergezichten er om heen. Vooral voor families met kleine kinderen zeer geschikt, en voor beginnende skieers die graag mooi weer willen hebben. Pistes zijn rustig, van wachttijden hebben ze hier nog nooit gehoord. Tip: neem het vliegtuig want het is een hele lange zit per auto. Wij zaten in Hotel Aquila, een druk maar zeer gezellig familiehotel. ...

Review by R. Van Rijn from Goes on Tuesday Jul 31st. Visited Cortina dAmpezzo in december 2006 as friends

7 Cortina dAmpezzo, Veneto

Novice 8Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 7Snow 7
Family 8Ambiance 7Nature 6Walking 7Lifts n.a.

Well it's certainly beautiful and there is lots going on. It is very spread out however and I wouldn't go without a car. Great resort for beginners / intermediates but very few reds. Quite a few button lifts for boarders but overall well worth a visit. We usually ski in places like St Martin de Belleville and Vaujany. It has all that these two places can offer PLUS a great , atmospheric and vibrant town. ...

Review by Steve from Dublin on Monday Jul 30th. Visited Cortina dAmpezzo in february 2007 as family

6.9 Cortina dAmpezzo, Veneto

Novice 7Advanced 7Expert 6Off-Piste 6Snow 6
Family 7Ambiance 8Nature 8Walking 7Lifts n.a.

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit. The town is quite large and is a favorite with the well to-do of Milan and Rome as evidenced by the large amount of expensive SUV/4 wheel drive vehicles on display. Also the ladies like to parade their extravagant fur coats during the evening "Passagiatta". Most of the accommodation is in hotels, of which there is a large selection. The party stayed at the Park Hotel Victoria well situated on the main throughfare. The ground floor was fine but some of the bedrooms although comfortable were a little old-fashioned. The food was fine if not always generous. As is common in Austria and Italy the town sits at the centre of a number of separate ski areas. Th...

Review by Nicholas Steiger from Olso on Tuesday Jan 30th. Visited Cortina dAmpezzo in march 2006 as couple

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