Snow data is very proud to have a solid track-record of 10+ years for producing accurate and up-to-date snow and ski condition reports. We do our best to provide you with reliable and accurate daily ski condition reports on well over 1.600 ski resorts. Thanks to the commitment of an ever-growing number of tourist offices, cableway companies, snow reps and industry partners has established itself as a reliable source in just a very short time.

We would like to offer you our snow-how and insights. For a very attractive fee we take care of your snow-data feed or presentation.

- EASY -

EUR 40 / month

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  • Iframe
  • Generic
  • White label
    add: custom styling +EUR100 once
  • Snow depth (valley, mountain)
  • Lifts open
  • Resort, ski area names incl. altitude
  • Updates four-times a day
  • Top 40 ski resorts for one country
    add: top 100 entire Alps +EUR50 / month
  • 5.000 requests per day
    add: 50.000rpd +EUR20 / month
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Set-up fee +EUR40 once
  • Storage of data is not allowed
  • 20% discount per winter season*
  • limited support
  • Non-commercial only!



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  • JSON / API or custom application
  • Snow depth (valley, mid-, mountain)
  • Fresh snow (last 48h)
  • Snow forecast (3 day, 5 day)
  • lifts open
  • Weather
  • Historical snow data
  • Anomaly data
  • Ski resort data
  • Ratings
  • Ski maps
  • Updates every 30 minutes
  • Unlimited use of data
  • attractive package prices!
  • Full support
*) nov, dec, jan, feb, mar, apr
Written by skiweather on Monday December 10, 2018

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