This winter just keeps on giving!

On- and off-piste snow depths remain the best in decades. With continuing cold temperatures, there is a thick layer compact snow on the slopes, and we’re still finding wonderful cold, dry, light powder snow off-piste. Snow quality is generally good thanks to the unusually low temperatures for mid-March that we have seen. This has meant a much more limited freeze-thaw process and less afternoon slush than you would normally expect at this time of year. Despite the fact that it’s now officially spring, we’re enjoying every minute of this wonderful extended winter with its fantastic skiing.

In high altitude ski resorts, we’ve not yet witnessed any spring skiing conditions, and don’t expect to for at least the next week or so. Maybe at lower altitudes in other places, or on sunny South-facing slopes, spring skiing conditions could just be starting, but we’re still very much in the grips of winter.

It will turn colder this week with the chance of some more significant and widespread snow. All in all, prospects for Easter are looking very good in the Alps, as they are in the Pyrenees.

The snow conditions are really good off-piste at the moment.In France, snow conditions are currently excellent in both the northern and southern French Alps thanks to cold temperatures and new snow in places. Austria hasn't seen a huge amount of new snow this week, just a dusting here and there, but it has been cold, meaning that snow conditions have been excellent for late March, at least on-piste. Snow conditions remain excellent across most Swiss resorts, with the cold temperatures this week ensuring that the freeze-thaw cycle is less pronounced than you might expect at this time of year, and even non-existent at high altitude. Snow conditions in Italy are excellent for the time of year, with great cover across the board.
Written by skiweather on Sunday March 25, 2018

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