Snow on the horizon?

The weather is just lovely in the Alps. Clear blue skies and lot's of sunshine. We owe the current beautiful weather to a new high-pressure area. Today, with an air pressure of around 1030 hPa, it lies exactly above the Alps. The completely absent of any wind is striking.  

The coming week the weather will change slowly. Some snow will fall later in the week. The quantities and the exact locations are still unsure, but the fact that there is change on the horizon after weeks of Kaiserwetter is something to hang on. The models forsee snow for the period 17-20 January, but the exact location, intensity and exact position of the responsible storm (s) cannot be predicted with any certainty. The differences between the various runs and models is sometimes that of day and night with a lot of snow one moment and little snow in the next model the run. The same applies to the location where it will snow. One run is good for the northwest, the other run indicates a retour d'est.

ECMWF expects a successful breakthrough on Friday. A front finally reaches the Alps again after a long time. If this is correct, it will bring between 10 and 20 cm of fresh snow for the French Alps, inner Alpes and the Austrian north side. It is doubtful whether the snow will reach the southern side of the Alps.

The long term forecasts (10 day) indicates considerably colder weather.

Snow conditions in the Alps remain pretty good for early January even if some of the lower slopes are now becoming worn or icy. This is hardly surprising given the lack of widespread significant snow in recent days (or weeks even) but, for your average skier, snow conditions remain good in most areas, and very good at altitude. The lack of fresh snow isn’t usually too much of a problem at this time of year, as the low angle of the sun means that any snow melt is either non-existent or very slow, at least on-piste.
Written by skiweather on Sunday January 12, 2020

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