Snow fall in the northeast of Austria

The current high pressure area over the Alps will retreat a bit to the west in the next 24 hours. At the same time cold freezing air will move-in from Scandinavia. This humid and significantly colder air flows from the northeast towards the Austrian northern Alps. The snow fall starts Thursday evening and continues on Friday. The snow line resides initially around 1000 to 1300 meters and drops to 700 to 1000 meters in the course of Friday. The focal point of the snow fall is the eastern part of Tirol and Salzburgerland crossing into Steiermark. These area may welcome in between 18 to 25cm of fresh snow. It can snow heavily on the peaks of the Salzburgerland, Styria on Friday, but -most likely- in the valleys the precipitation will fall as rain.

snow forecast Austria

The French and Italian Alps remain relatively sunny and dry under high pressure system. To a lesser extend this is the same for Switzerland.

A high pressure area over Scandinavia drops towards Poland in the weekend and will reach the Alps later. According to the current calculations, it stays there for a week so the sun and blue skies will dominate.

By the end of the month, ocean depressions are likely to get a better grip on the Alpine weather. If this scenario continues, the snowy maritime polar air finally reaches the Alpine region. This is primarily good news for the French Alps in the first instance. A snow-rich refresher is of course more than welcome here. Exactly how exactly it will turn out is not yet possible at this moment.

Snow conditions in the Alps remain pretty good overall, although the continuing fine weather is starting to take its toll on some lower slopes, especially those exposed to the sun.
Written by skiweather on Thursday February 21, 2019

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