Fresh snow and return to spring-like conditions

On Sunday afternoon precipitation enters the northern French and Swiss Alps. The snow level starts high at around 2000m. With a cold front expected on Sunday night significantly colder air will infiltrate from the West. As a result, the snowfall level rapidly descends towards 1000 meters.

On Mondays, it resides in the valley at about 700 meters. On Monday the weather cycle will remain changeable. Because for a short while Genoa low arises, the Dolomites and southern Austria also welcome intensive snowfall. The areas likely to miss out on the snow are the southern French Alps (e.g. Risoul, Isola 2000) and the south-western Italian Alps (e.g. Sestriere, Prato Nevoso). On average between 15 and 30 cm of powder is to be expected, with substantial amounts likely in the far south-east of Switzerland (e.g. St Moritz) and the eastern Italian Alps (e.g. Passo Tonale, Dolomites).

snow forecast

Increasing high-pressure influence and fine weather are forecast for Tuesday. As a result, we are switching to a sunnier and calmer weather type. However, the temperatures will remain late wintry cold. Fine weather is expected from Wednesday on. The fine weather conditions will remain unchanged until Saturday. It will become milder from day to day. During the night it keeps freezing above the snow cover and a clear sky. This means that typical spring-like freeze-thaw conditions will also start developing. Typical spring weather.

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 17, 2019

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