Colder air and snow move into the Alps

Following the very mild conditions of last weekend, an active cold front enters the Alps in the night to Monday. Colder air finds its way to the Alps. Temperatures will drop by at least 10 degrees and fresh snow falls. The snow line will rapidly sink to the low altitudes in the valleys.

The first precipitation is calculated for the night from Sunday to Monday. But don't expect large amounts. Most snow falls during Monday from around 1.000 meters in the northern Stau regions of Austria and the east of Switzerland. Zentral & OstSchweiz, Vorarlberg, western Tyrol, the glacier regions of Tyrol and the higher parts of the Salzburgerland may welcome 20 to 25 cm between Sunday evening and Wednesday morning. The the upper slopes of the Dachstein area may even see up-to 50 cm of fresh snow.

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Due to the northerly wind the southern Alps remains dry and fairly sunny. The French Alps are also left out. It is also becoming considerably colder here, but the snow does not reach this area.

In the second half of the week high pressure areas take over control again. This means a transition to a drier, sunnier and calmer weather type. The temperature is generally at a level normal for this time of th season. Next weekend will be milder and sunny again. And so the season quietly segways to the end.
Written by skiweather on Monday March 25, 2019

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