10 best destinations in Europe for spring skiing

Skiing at the end of the season has many advantages. The weather is generally milder and sunnier, the days are much longer and the crowds have gone leaving quieter slopes to enjoy. It also means that there are many great ski accommodation deals to be had as resorts look to sell their empty beds at low prices. There can be a real party atmosphere at the end of the skiseason as spring is in the air and the locals and resort staff celebrate what is a long winter. It can often snow too, and …

Written by skiweather on Friday March 15, 2019

Significantly cooler air masses ensure a late-winter start to the week

The weather in the Alps remains very changeable, especially along the north side. The weekend starts mild but some colder air masses arrive in the course of Sunday. A front from the west collides against the Alps with precipitation and showers that spread along the north side. The air is relatively mild which means that it snows from 1900 meters. For low altitude areas, some rain is therefore inevitable. Towards the evening, much colder air is introduced from the West. In addition to the …

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 10, 2019

Return to snowier, colder conditions in the Alps

The winter so far has seen record-breaking snowy weather over parts of the Alps for January. It turned much more fairly settled over the Alps in February. In contrast, the past couple of weeks were very sunny and extremely mild. The start of March looks different once again with a mixed week currently suggested. The weather will change substantially on Monday. A jet stream with some cooler air finds its way towards the Alps and gains momentum. The active front collides with the northwest …

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 3, 2019

Cooler weather and some snow

The meteorological winter is coming to an end, and with it the passive high which determined the Alpine weather. Wednesday was the last day of  spring-like conditions. The weather in the Alps is about to change, with the first fronts arriving in the western Alps later on Thursday. This storm will mostly affect the northwestern Alps, bringing snow on Thursday night and Friday morning. It will weaken as it moves east across Austria though, and most of the southern Alps will remain dry. On …

Written by skiweather on Wednesday February 27, 2019

Snow fall in the northeast of Austria

The current high pressure area over the Alps will retreat a bit to the west in the next 24 hours. At the same time cold freezing air will move-in from Scandinavia. This humid and significantly colder air flows from the northeast towards the Austrian northern Alps. The snow fall starts Thursday evening and continues on Friday. The snow line resides initially around 1000 to 1300 meters and drops to 700 to 1000 meters in the course of Friday. The focal point of the snow fall is the eastern part of …

Written by skiweather on Thursday February 21, 2019