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A late blast of snow for the eastern Alps

Huge amounts of snow over the Alps and WNW Balkan peninsula through next week, locally 50-100 cm could result from the latest model runs. Yet to be confirmed what the exact precipitation amounts will be, but the significant cold outbreak after Monday is confirmed. Much of Austria is going to see considerable snowfall this week in quantities that have been rare through much of the season so far.

The jet stream will turn to the northwest Saturday and cold polar air will come in and arrive in the northern Alps in the course of Saturday afternoon. The snow line will plummet from around 2200m on Saturday morning to around 1500 meters by late Sunday afternoon. The snow line will reside around 1200 meters in the Swiss and Austrian Alps on Monday. The wintry conditions will last for the better part of next week.

Written by skiweather on Saturday April 15, 2017
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