The SkiWeather App gives you unlimited access to ski condition-, snow depth- and snow forecast reports, historical snow data, ski resort information, reviews and 22.000 snowcams. The app is lightweight, fast and only claims a minimal amount of space on your device.

Stay up-to-date with reliable reports and information wherever you are!

The SkiWeather App is available for download via the Google Chrome Mobile webbrowser. Please proceed to on your smartphone. The app will be served and installed after you click on the notification bar at the bottom of the browser window.

If you miss any notification just open the settings of Chrome, there you will see a link 'Install SkiWeather...'.

The App can be installed on both Android and iOS. Apple users will follow the procedure below in Safari webbrowser:

  • Visit the website
  • Tap the Share button (at the browser options)
  • From the options tap the Add to Homescreen option, you can notice an icon of the website or screenshot of website added to your devices homescreen instantly.
  • Tap the icon from homescreen, then the App will be loaded.
Written by skiweather on Thursday January 3, 2019

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