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SkiWeather.eu is an independent provider of reliable ski condition & snow forecast reports. Moreover SkiWeather.eu is a guide to mountain and skiresorts in Europe. SkiWeather.eu is part of ChionoMania and is based in Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands. Over 1.5 million skiers and snowboarders use SkiWeather.eu and we are so glad that you are among this group.

Snow reports

SkiWeather.eu is best known for it's accurate and up-to-date snow and ski condition reports. We produce extensive daily reports on well over 1.600 ski resorts. Thanks to the commitment of a large number of tourist offices, cableway companies, snow reps and industry partners SkiWeather.eu has established itself as a reliable source in just a very short time.

Snow forecasts and snow alerts

SkiWeather.eu provides 3-day and 5-day (accumulated) snowfall forecasts and powder alerts. We actively trigger alerts to notify our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Weather information

Realtime webcam views and up-to-date local weather reports, weather forecasts and snow reports is what makes SkiWeather.eu stand out from other ski websites. We do not present regional weather and -forecasts reports. All data presented is always local and up-to-date.

Snowcam portal of Europe

SkiWeather.eu is the webcam portal for the larger alpine region, Scandinavia and the Pyrenees, and has been online since 1999. SkiWeather.eu has become the largest of it's kind with well over 23.000 webcams!

Skiresort reviews

Our resort reviews provide an un-biased opinion on hundreds of ski resorts. The honest feedback helps skiers and snowboarders to make a solid choice when deciding which resort to visit.

Press reports

SkiWeather.eu writes extensive press reports on ski resorts. We have visited many ski resorts to discover to unique aspects of the ski destinations.

What's Skiweather.eu' objective?

SkiWeather.eu wants to offer a clean, non-obtrusive interface which provides instant access to webcams, weather- & snow reports and reviews. Moreover, Skiweather.eu realizes that it is important to place information in the correct context. On this regard SkiWeather.eu is quite unique in the fact that it produces it's own geodata, ski resort information and snow statistics with the extensive help of the tourist offices and bergbahnen, business partners and of course it's visitors

Skiweather.eu is independent and unbiased

SkiWeather.eu values it's independent strategy. SkiWeather.eu receives mlns of vistors during the winter, summertime is getting very popular too. SkiWeather has to honest intention on bringing the skiresorts closer to the public.

Contact ChionoMania

Mark Henry Gremmen (CEO)

Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie 68
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Phone 0031 70 7857630

Chamber of Commerce Registration Number 63521415

Written by skiweather on Saturday November 25, 2017

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