Winter returns to the Alps

After a relatively quiet weekend with little precipitation and sometimes föhn-like clearings, winter starts again from Sunday afternoon.

Then the next storm will arrive and will continue to influence the weather in the Alps until Tuesday. This storm won’t deliver as much snow as once hoped to the southern Alps, but it will bring significant quantities of snow to the northern half of the Alps, especially the northern French, Swiss and western Austrian Alps.

Saturday will be pretty sunny, but some higher clouds from the west can move into the Alps in the course of Sunday. On the approach of a new storm, the wind turns south with a clear Südföhn trend on the north side of the Alps.

Sunday snowfall reaches the French Alps from about 1500 meters. The snowfall spreads rapidly further eastwards. The Südföhn peaks on Sunday afternoon on the north side. In the evening it will lie abruptly during the cold front passage. On Monday it is full of winter in a north-westerly to a northerly wind. Numerous snow showers fall on the north side. The snowfall level descends towards the 500 meter limit. The winter has then returned!
Written by skiweather on Friday February 8, 2019

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