Spring-like conditions in the Alps


Blue skies conquer an ever larger part of the Alps from France. The Alps will enjoy calm weather with lot's of sunshine and very mild temperatures. Or maybe the correct word is 'warm' for the western Alps.

Until Wednesday it remains cold-isch with the freezing level around and below 1500 meters. In Eastern Alps the air is still quite cold with temperatures between -5 and -8° C at 1500 meters.

The high-pressure area shifts a little further to the east on Wednesday so that the sun then occupies the entire area of the Alps. From then on it enjoys pure Kaiserwetter, with deep blue skies. The core of high pressure is situated more and more in such a manner that the air flow increasingly comes from the south, especially in the French and western Swiss Alps. Higher temperatures means a zero degree limit that climbs well above 2000 meters. 

With a flow of air running from the south, warm air is gradually being supplied. On Wednesday, the zero-degree boundary (in the east) is still relatively low, but on Thursday and afterwards the mercury rises to 5-10 ° C at 1500 meters.

It will feel mild at altitude, with freezing levels gradually creeping up towards 3000m by the end of the week. 

It looks like the weather in the Alps will be fine both this weekend and the beginning of next week.

The soft air comes from across the Mediterranean and will undoubtedly give a touch of spring in the mountains. Fortunately, there is enough snow and the supplied air is also dry. The snow conditions on the slopes will therefore remain good.

With these conditions a touch of spring will certainly be reality in late February. 

Snow conditions in the Alps are excellent as we approach the busiest week of the ski season.

Snow depths are generally above average in the northern Alps, and considerably so in much of Switzerland and Austria.

Depths are more modest in the southern Alps, but there is also some excellent skiing on offer here, especially on-piste.

Written by skiweather on Wednesday February 13, 2019

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