Significantly cooler air masses ensure a late-winter start to the week

The weather in the Alps remains very changeable, especially along the north side. The weekend starts mild but some colder air masses arrive in the course of Sunday. A front from the west collides against the Alps with precipitation and showers that spread along the north side. The air is relatively mild which means that it snows from 1900 meters. For low altitude areas, some rain is therefore inevitable. Towards the evening, much colder air is introduced from the West. In addition to the temperatures, especially the snowfall limit goes down significantly. The snow line drops to 1500 meters. The snow quantities are fairly limited to 5-15 cm in the favorable northwest stau areas.

Humid cold stau and a partly stormy north-westerly wind will determine the weather on Monday. Prolongued precipitation occur alongs the entire northern side of the Alps accompanied with snow on the upper slopes. While stormy gusts of wind with rain and sleet showers whip through in the morning, snow falls in the afternoon - occasionally into the valleys. Subsequently, a wintry weather cycle is expected into Monday night. The snow line descents further, below 800 meters. Most fresh snow can be expected on the Arlberg and in the Außerfern. In the Maritime Alps and in northern Piedmont to the Luganer Alps mostly dry and partly sunny, at most in the afternoon a short shower.

A brief period of improved conditions follows on Tuesday, the frost air will be only temporarily pushed away. The weather shows itself from its friendlier side. In the morning there is still frost, some dense clouds and some snow showers, but soon the sky relaxes. Only in the Eastern Alps there is still some snowfall in the morning. In many parts of the northers Alps, the sun battles through, and the wind also subsides. Temperatures climb back to around ten degrees. By night the high clouds will start to rise from the west

During the night into Wednesday a new cold front moves across the Alps from west to east with snowfall again below 1000 meters for the entire north side. A strong western wind prevails. Even Wednesday during the day there are still snow showers along the north side. Once again, the south side of the Alps remains almost dry.

The clouds also dominate on Thursdays and the most precipitation falls on the northern side of the Alps. On both days the snow line is around 500 m.

snow prediction

By Thursday the total amount of fresh snow on the upper slopes of the Arlberg and Jungfrau region add up to over 120cm.

Friday and Saturday is also cloudy and there is a strong west wind as well. In addition, there is sometimes rain and snow. The snowfall rises above 1200m on Saturday and the maximum values reach 10 to 12 degrees in the valleys. In the south of the Alps it is often dry and sunny and temperatures are a little higher.
Written by skiweather on Sunday March 10, 2019

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