Return to snowier, colder conditions in the Alps

The winter so far has seen record-breaking snowy weather over parts of the Alps for January. It turned much more fairly settled over the Alps in February. In contrast, the past couple of weeks were very sunny and extremely mild. The start of March looks different once again with a mixed week currently suggested.

The weather will change substantially on Monday. A jet stream with some cooler air finds its way towards the Alps and gains momentum. The active front collides with the northwest of the Alps. In the morning, from the Mont Blanc to the Dauphine and into the Swiss Alps thick clouds are starting to rise from the West. It is not until the early afternoon that the core of the front arrives in the West and until evening that it reaches the western parts of the eastern Alps.

With the influx of colder maritime polar air, the snowfall limit drops to around 1100 meters, in the south it remains over 1500m. With the fault zone in the afternoon and in the evening the wind turns to the west and increases to near-storm. It will snow heavily in the northwest and north of the Alps between Monday and Tuesday bringing heavy bursts initially for France and Switzerland but moving eastwards quickly on brisk winds so effecting Austria later in the day. By the end of Tuesday 25 to 30cm of fresh snow is to be expected in places like Alpe dHuez, Paradiski and Chamonix Valley.

Tuesday, it remains windy on the northern edge of the Alps. From Dauphine to the Bernese Alps, clouds and light snow showers are starting to pile up early on Tuesday, it will also ease up quickly and it will be quite sunny in the entire western Alps. The last rain and snow in the eastern Alps move out of the east.

In the course of the Wednesday afternoon and evening, clouds gather again followed shortly by rain and snow. Snowfall limit from west to east descents from 1500 to 1000 meters.

The temperature rises again on Wednesday on the approach of a new storm. The wind is light to moderate, along the northern side of the Alps and in the east also lively, mostly from east to southwest.

Thursday sees the next main system as a band of precipitation edges in from the West, with some large precipitation totals for France and Switzerland throughout the day, edging into Austria later but fragmenting as it does so. The temperature drops rapidly. Snow Levels 1800 meters on the front edge but lowering to 1200 meters behind.

There is a strong Foehn event to be expected over the Alps on Wednesday and Thursday. Storm winds likely to reach out well into the plains


You can expect a lot of snow again for the French Alps and the north of the Alps. By the end of the week the amounts have added up to 60-70cm in Andermatt, the Matterhorn area and around 45cm in the Monta Rosa, Aletsch and Mont Blanc region. More snow forecast reports

Towards the weekend, a ridge of High Pressure is set to move in from the west, so becoming quieter once again over the Alps.
Written by skiweather on Sunday March 3, 2019

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