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Southwest dump at the start of spring

The change in the weather will start Tuesday with more increasing cloudy weather and some showers in the French, western Swiss and western Italian Alps later in the day, with a rain/snow limit around 1800 meters. More widespread precipitation is expected across the Alps on Wednesday and Thursday, heaviest close to the Swiss-Italian and Italian-Austrian border regions. Snowfall totals from this upcoming storm will also be highly variable, but over 1m of new snow is possible by Friday at altitude …

Written by skiweather on Monday April 1, 2019

Colder air and snow move into the Alps

Following the very mild conditions of last weekend, an active cold front enters the Alps in the night to Monday. Colder air finds its way to the Alps. Temperatures will drop by at least 10 degrees and fresh snow falls. The snow line will rapidly sink to the low altitudes in the valleys. The first precipitation is calculated for the night from Sunday to Monday. But don't expect large amounts. Most snow falls during Monday from around 1.000 meters in the northern Stau regions of Austria and …

Written by skiweather on Monday March 25, 2019

Fresh snow and return to spring-like conditions

On Sunday afternoon precipitation enters the northern French and Swiss Alps. The snow level starts high at around 2000m. With a cold front expected on Sunday night significantly colder air will infiltrate from the West. As a result, the snowfall level rapidly descends towards 1000 meters. On Mondays, it resides in the valley at about 700 meters. On Monday the weather cycle will remain changeable. Because for a short while Genoa low arises, the Dolomites and southern Austria also welcome …

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 17, 2019

Significantly cooler air masses ensure a late-winter start to the week

The weather in the Alps remains very changeable, especially along the north side. The weekend starts mild but some colder air masses arrive in the course of Sunday. A front from the west collides against the Alps with precipitation and showers that spread along the north side. The air is relatively mild which means that it snows from 1900 meters. For low altitude areas, some rain is therefore inevitable. Towards the evening, much colder air is introduced from the West. In addition to the …

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 10, 2019

Return to snowier, colder conditions in the Alps

The winter so far has seen record-breaking snowy weather over parts of the Alps for January. It turned much more fairly settled over the Alps in February. In contrast, the past couple of weeks were very sunny and extremely mild. The start of March looks different once again with a mixed week currently suggested. The weather will change substantially on Monday. A jet stream with some cooler air finds its way towards the Alps and gains momentum. The active front collides with the northwest …

Written by skiweather on Sunday March 3, 2019