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Mild La Niña effect brings the best start to the ski season in decades

At the moment, snow conditions in the ski resorts of the European Alps are very good for mid-December and even superb in the ski resorts of the north-western Alps like Engelberg (434cm), Wildhaus (260cm), Damuls (210cm) and Lech (205cm). It is safe to say that this is the best start to the ski season for two decades. According to our data 92% of all ski resorts show a snow depth of more than 100% of the 10-year average, of which 49% even have 250% of the average snow depth at their …

Written by skiweather on Thursday December 21, 2017

The snowiest skiresort in the Alps

When it comes to skiing, one thing you really do need over anything else, is snow. You don’t necessarily need a massive amount of it, but there's nothing quite as bad as having a ski holiday with insufficient or poor quality snow! What can guarantee good snowconditions? Weather is unpredicatable at best, especially the last few decades... The impact of climate change is not something many ski resorts want to talk about. There is no question, however, that the c-factor is a force to be …

Written by skiweather on Tuesday May 9, 2017

The leading wintersport websites in Europe

There's a huge amount of first-rate ski holiday advice and information out there. If you're planning on making the most of the snow and heading to the Alps this winter, it's worth persuing these websites for short-term ski condition and snow forecasts. If you ask wintersport enthusiasts what they consider to be the leading wintersport website in Europe the majority (55%) say it's Snow-forecast.com. We at Skiweather.eu were very curious to find out if that is true. Last year we addressed a …

Written by skiweather on Wednesday March 15, 2017