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Snow fall anticipated in the northern Alps at the start of mid term

At the start of mid term snow conditions are generally good in the Alps for the vast majority of skiers who are happy to remain on-piste. Off the beaten track the situation is more complicated. There is some fresh snow across the far south-western Alps at altitude at the moment, otherwise the off-piste is quite mixed. It is unseasonably mild in the median altitude range. The snow cover is relativ…

Written by skiweather on Thursday February 16, 2017
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The leading wintersport websites in Europe

There's a huge amount of first-rate ski holiday advice and information out there. If you're planning on making the most of the snow and heading to the Alps this winter, it's worth persuing these websites for short-term ski condition and snow forecasts. If you ask wintersport enthusiasts what they consider to be the leading wintersport website in Europe the majority (55%) say it's Snow-forecast…

Written by skiweather on Saturday February 11, 2017
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Still more snow to come

The winter has finally returned in the western Alps since last weekend. After a first disruption which began Thursday night, a second front arrived Saturday and dropped a thick layer of -much needed- fresh snow. Below 1500m or so there has also been some rain and sleet at times, but snow did eventually reach much lower levels later on Sunday. In spite of the wind that has complicated the situatio…

Written by skiweather on Monday February 6, 2017
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Milder temperatures and more unstable weather in the Alps

The sustained high-pressure system which has been bringing very low temperatures and dry, sunny conditions across the Alps is starting to break up as we cross into February. A predominantly southwestern flow is bringing milder temperatures and more unsettled weather to the Alps. In the process we saw some light snow in the (southern) French Alps and southern Piedmont at the start of the weeken…

Written by skiweather on Sunday January 29, 2017
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Glorious sunshine continues to dominate the Alps

High pressure systems dominate the weather in the Alps. They form a rock-solid barrier for any storm trying to break-into the Alps from any direction. That is very unusual. At present the weather in the Alps is calm and quite stunning with intense blue skies and no wind. It is still cold for now at low altitude. Meanwhile Austria is currently enjoying the coldest January for 30 years with the ave…

Written by skiweather on Sunday January 22, 2017
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Cold weather followed by much milder air pushing in

Over the last 24 hours there has been an additional 5-15 cm of fresh fallen snow in the central and eastern part of the northern Alps. A bit more on the western side. In the Silvretta, Arlberg and along the Northern Alps there was around 20-40 cm of powder. Since Friday between 50 and 70cm of snow has fallen. The jackpot this time was for the Pyrenees were the ski resorts welcomed over 100cm. Tha…

Written by skiweather on Sunday January 15, 2017
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