Spring-like conditions in the Alps

Blue skies conquer an ever larger part of the Alps from France. The Alps will enjoy calm weather with lot's of sunshine and very mild temperatures. Or maybe the correct word is 'warm' for the western Alps. Until Wednesday it remains cold-isch with the freezing level around and below 1500 meters. In Eastern Alps the air is still quite cold with temperatures between -5 and -8° C at 1500 meters. The high-pressure area shifts a little further to the east on Wednesday so that the sun …

Written by skiweather on Wednesday February 13, 2019

Winter returns to the Alps

After a relatively quiet weekend with little precipitation and sometimes föhn-like clearings, winter starts again from Sunday afternoon. Then the next storm will arrive and will continue to influence the weather in the Alps until Tuesday. This storm won’t deliver as much snow as once hoped to the southern Alps, but it will bring significant quantities of snow to the northern half of the Alps, especially the northern French, Swiss and western Austrian Alps. Saturday will be pretty …

Written by skiweather on Friday February 8, 2019

Calmer and milder weather ahead for the Alps

Low-pressure weather systems remain in charge over the Alps until Sunday. It has been snowing heavily in the French Southern Alps and west of the Italian Piedmont since Thursday evening. The weather will continue to be unsettled over the weekend delivering more snow, especially on Friday and Saturday; first favouring the south-east then the northern Alps again later. Fluctuating temperatures and strong wind will make for unstable snow conditions, especially below 2000m. A weak layer makes the …

Written by skiweather on Saturday February 2, 2019

Snow for the northwestern Alps

Winter keeps a tight grip on the Alps. It remains relatively cold for the foreseeable future with further chances for snow at times. Right now, the heaviest and most widespread snowfall is likely to be on Sunday. This time there is more snow in the forecast for the northern French Alps and the Pyrenees. The long term remains pretty changeable  as there is no longer any question of a strong western jet stream. The jet stream meanders over Europe as a river. There's a low pressure …

Written by skiweather on Wednesday January 23, 2019

The weather in the Alps may be improving, but the avalanche risk remains sky high

There is an huge amount of snow in the north and northwest of the Alps. Since the end of 2018 it has been snowing continuously in large parts of Austria. Austria has received 6 times more snow than average for the first half of January. Substantial amounts of fresh snow also came down in Switzerland last weekend. In addition, the northern French Alps have benefited from more fresh snow recently than was initially forecasted, with ski resorts such as Val d’Isère, Chamonix and Flaine welcoming …

Written by skiweather on Wednesday January 16, 2019