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Cold weather followed by much milder air pushing in

Over the last 24 hours there has been an additional 5-15 cm of fresh fallen snow in the central and eastern part of the northern Alps. A bit more on the western side. In the Silvretta, Arlberg and along the Northern Alps there was around 20-40 cm of powder. Since Friday between 50 and 70cm of snow has fallen. The jackpot this time was for the Pyrenees were the ski resorts welcomed over 100cm. Tha…

Written by skiweather on Sunday January 15, 2017
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More snow ahead for the northwestern Alps

Since the end of November, a record breaking period of calm and exceptionally dry weather has been in place in the french Alps. December 2016 was the driest December in well over 110 years. Apart from some ski resorts along the Italian border and in the Southern Alps, a substantial natural snow cover was nearly absent. All of this is changing soon, and the forecasts indicate that the skiing co…

Written by skiweather on Thursday January 12, 2017
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Snow returns to the French Alps

With an artic blast battering the Alps, temperatures plunging beyond -20C, strong wind and heavy snow fall in the northern Alps the skiing conditions left much to be desired for. The weekend started with temperatures 15C below seasonal average in the eastern Alps, but since Saturday afternoon the frost has tempered and so has the snow fall in the northern Alps since Sunday morning. Don't worry, t…

Written by skiweather on Sunday January 8, 2017
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First snowfall of 2017 ends dry spell for the northern Alps

The long-awaited steady snowfall in the northern Alps brought a relief to the persistent drought-like situation. Heavy snow fall and plummeting temperatures turned the valleys into a white fairytale landscape. As much as 70 cm of fresh snow is forecasted in Vorarlberg, Tirol and Salzburgerland on Wednesday and Thursday. The landscape will transform radically in just a short time in a good part of…

Written by skiweather on Wednesday January 4, 2017
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Cooler weather ahead for the Alps at the start of 2017

The Alps have been under the influence of a mild and slack air mass. Without some proper cold air in the mix to shake it all up there'll be no useful snowfall. Without a decent temperature gradient, weather simply won't happen. This is the -boring- picture of a classic anticyclone we have to live with well beyond New Year's day. Once again, It has been another poor December for the Alps. The four…

Written by skiweather on Saturday December 31, 2016
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Christmas week will bring light snow to the upper slopes of the northern Alps

The western southern Alps enjoyed substantial snow fall at the beginning of the week. The ski resorts in the border french-italian region and more noticeable the ski resorts in the Monte Rosa, Via Lattea, Aosta and Frejus region were the really lucky ones with 60 to 90cm -and locally even more!- of fresh powder snow. While the rest of the Alps endures a prolongued snow draught resorts like Sestri…

Written by skiweather on Friday December 23, 2016
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