Snowforecast next 5 days

Predicted cumulative snowfall (cm) and average temperature (°C) forecasted for the next 5 days.

rank country resort lower middle upper precip temp lo temp hi
1Prato Nevoso Prato Nevoso M... 1500 - 2000m4233646-52
2Hochsolden Solden Hochsol... 1377 - 3249m2132230-13
3Saint Rhemy Cr... Saint Rhemy Cr... 1570 - 2460m2122029-14
4Marmolada Marmolada Glet... 1100 - 3342m4121416-62
5Pizol Pizol Bad Raga... 500 - 2250m41019-45
6Kandersteg Oeschinensee K... 1200 - 1950m15913-34
7Diavolezza Diavolezza 2100 - 3000m4977-42
8Vallter 2000 Vallter 2000 P... 1950 - 2535m3713-15
9Ruka Ruka 295 - 495m2566-7-5
10Minschuns Ortler 1900 - 3250m259-15
11Baqueira Baqueira Beret 1500 - 2510m2475
12Goms Goms Oberwald 1255 - 2080m122235

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes?

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, MET WFS, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, misc. Bergbahnen.

Last snowforecast update: Sun May 20 2018 03:39:03 PM. The snowforecast will be updated from 8:00h till 16.00h year-round.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snowreports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network

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