Snow forecast next 3 days switzerland

Predicted cumulative snowfall (cm) and average temperature (°C) in switzerland forecasted for the next 3 days.

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes?
rank country resort lower middle upper precip temp lo temp hi cams tourism
1Juf Avers 2000 -
2Pizol Pizol Bad Raga... 500 -

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, MET WFS, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, misc. Bergbahnen.

Last snowforecast update: Fri April 20 2018 07:18:03 PM. The snowforecast will be updated from 8:00h till 16.00h year-round.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snowreports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network

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