Snow reports norway

Snow report for ski resorts in norway on Fri Jan 19. Average snow depth on lower, middle and upper slopes (cm), fresh snow in the last 48h and temperature (°C),

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes for your ski destination?

rank country resort lower middle upper last 48h temp lo temp hi lifts slopes cams tourism
1Roldal Roldal 800-1300m180230287 18-9-657%92%cams
2Eikedalen Eikedalen 450-920m215215215 11-5-475%77%cams
3Strandafjellet Stranda Wester... 430-1230m150180210 3-13-757%56%cams
4Harpefossen Harpefossen We... 240-820m80130180 3-13-1186%92%cams
5Bjorli Bjorli 575-1250m125150175 -12-1067%61%cams
6Vaset Vaset Eastern ... 820-1020m170170170 12-13-1175%63%cams
7Sjusjoen Sjusjoen 800-945m155155155 10-10-9100%100%cams
8Kvamskogen Kvamskogen 370-575m150150150 14-10-5100%100%cams
9Stryn Stryn 325-998m150150150 6-3-2100%100%cams
10Kvitfjell Kvitfjell 182-1029m80 130140150 8-11-1081%70%cams
11Lillehammer Lillehammer Ha... 200-1030m60105150 9-6-592%cams
12Voss Voss Fjellands... 450-1065m75105147 7-8-567%91%cams
13Trysil Trysil 460-1132m86124126 25-7-692%100%cams
14Sogn Sogn Western N... 325-994m120120120 9-12-7100%100%cams
15Kongsberg Kongsberg East... 235-565m120120120 9-8-486%89%cams
16Skeikampen Skeikampen 774-1124m100117120 4-11-10100%95%cams
17Beitostolen Beitostolen 900-1030m110115120 4-14-1078%86%cams
18Hemsedal Hemsedal 640-1450m110115117 4-11-986%55%cams
19Valdres Valdres Easter... 700-1060m115115115 4-11-10100%93%cams
20Hovden Hovden 770-1183m7590113 -11-853%31%cams
21Gala Gala Eastern N... 780-1148m100100100 10-17-1338%33%cams
22Vradal Vrdal Eastern... 262-735m8090100 22-9-575%72%cams
23Sauda Sauda 350-850m858890 9-7-571%45%cams
24Hafjell Hafjell 200-1030m60 708090 8-10-980%71%cams
25Oppdal Oppdal 550-1300m507090 -10-788%79%cams
26Rauland Rauland Raulan... 700-1160m808080 30-10-7100%100%cams
27Gautefall Gautefall East... 500-700m808080 7-10-567%100%cams
28Gaustablikk Gaustablikk 200-960m707577 -14-867%57%cams
29Geilo Geilo 798-1178m606060 4-14-988%95%cams
30Aalsheia Aalsheia skise... 580-800m405060 cams
31Uvdal Uvdal -m10 203552 14-11-880%12%cams
32Drammen Drammen Easter... 70-350m505050 14-5-3100%75%cams
33Narvik Narvik Norther... 120-1006m404045 -10-767%56%cams
34Sirdal Sirdal 500-920m393939 10-3045%39%cams

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, Iski, Snow-depth, ANMSM-Ski France, misc. Bergbahnen. Last snow report update: Fri January 19 2018 02:12:05 PM The snow reports for Norway will be updated from 9:00h till 22.00h between November and June. Most bulletins are submitted between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning CET+1. Only snow bulletins updated within the last 24 hours appear in order to garantee snow depth accuracy.

The snow depth for the upper and lower slopes are reported in centimeters. Skiresorts with at least 10 cm at the summit are listed here. Note: Most skiresorts need at least 30cm on the upper slopes to allow skiing. Even if there is more than 30cm that does not mean the skiresort is open. Always check the latest weather- and snowconditions on the website of the tourist office before booking a trip and travelling to your destination.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snow reports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network. All other people and companies may submit snowreports via our MySkiweather webfacility.

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