Snow reports italy

Snow report for ski resorts in italy on Sun Jan 21. Average snow depth on lower, middle and upper slopes (cm), fresh snow in the last 48h and temperature (°C),

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes for your ski destination?

rank country resort lower middle upper last 48h temp lo temp hi lifts slopes cams tourism
1Breuil cervini... Zermatt Breuil... 1520-3883m195250305 61-6-477%73%cams
2Sella nevea Sella Nevea 1140-1850m40165290 5-70100%100%cams
3Steinhaus im a... Ahrntal 951-2400m30143255 13-12-3cams
4Usseglio Usseglio Piemo... 1618-2040m150200250 -4280%100%cams
5Champoluc Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m130190250 41-3093%94%cams
6La thuile San Bernardo L... 1176-2641m80 100175250 94-2-149%14%cams
7Passo tonale Val di Sole 1200-3016m60155250 18-10-5100%cams
8Ponte di legno Ponte di Legno 1120-2120m60155250 18-8-2100%100%cams
9Marmolada Marmolada Glet... 1100-3342m115182249 8-21-1567%100%cams
10Val di fassa Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m40 75160245 5-10-293%93%cams
11Pozza di fassa Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m50148245 6-10-2100%81%cams
12Canazei Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m40 50145243 7-11-498%100%cams
13Campitello di ... Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m40 50145243 6-10-397%100%cams
14Madesimo Madesimo Motta... 1500-2948m150195241 23-8-5100%100%cams
15Schnalstaler g... Schnalstal 2000-3258m120180240 41-6-3cams
16Klausberg Ahrntal 951-2400m88153236 23-10-7100%100%cams
17Speikboden Ahrntal 951-2400m100165231 38-10-8100%100%cams
18Schnalstal Schnalstal 2000-3258m110 120170230 44-6-292%100%cams
19Madonna di cam... Madonna di Cam... 1550-2580m100165229 12-8-3100%100%cams
20Courmayeur Courmayeur 1224-2624m140 150180227 82-2060%59%cams
21Bielmonte Bielmonte 1200-1650m1020223 2-4647%51%cams
22Bardonecchia Bardonecchia 1312-2750m80150220 510181%79%cams
23Sand in taufer... Ahrntal 951-2400m88153218 17-6-1cams
24Rhemes notre d... Rhemes Notre D... 1730-2200m110 140175210 430398%93%cams
25Aprica Aprica 1260-3016m55130205 9-71100%92%cams
26Pejo Val di Sole 1200-3016m50 80135204 12-6-3100%100%cams
27Sestriere La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m60 70135203 33-4-284%84%cams
28Pila Pila 1800-2815m100150200 19-2582%77%cams
29Zoldo SkiCivetta 1000-2200m100150200 4-42cams
30Selva di cador... SkiCivetta 1000-2200m100150200 6-13-2100%89%cams
31Alagna Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m100150200 17-4484%88%cams
32Sauze doulx La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m60130200 35-1189%84%cams
33San sicario La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m60130200 39-11cams
34Claviere La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m60130200 40-3085%84%cams
35Champorcher Champorcher 1427-2500m30115200 21-6086%44%cams
36Antagnod Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m80170190 48-3-1100%100%cams
37Alleghe civett... SkiCivetta 1000-2200m50 100125190 6-50100%89%cams
38Artesina Prato Nevoso M... 1500-2000m100145190 010100%90%cams
39Prato nevoso Prato Nevoso M... 1500-2000m100140185 13-19-15100%100%cams
40Gressoney la t... Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m50 100110185 36-3089%100%cams
41Pfelders Pfelders 1622-2300m95140185 48-15-7100%100%cams
42Pedraces Alta Badia 1324-2778m70125180 11-11-6100%100%cams
43San cassiano Alta Badia 1324-2778m70125180 914100%100%cams
44Colfosco Alta Badia 1324-2778m70125180 22-11-5100%100%cams
45La villa Alta Badia 1324-2778m70125180 212100%100%cams
46Alta badia Alta Badia 1324-2778m70129175 9-9-495%100%cams
47Brusson Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m80 130140170 38-33100%100%cams
48Watles Watles 1750-2500m100135170 27-40100%100%cams
49Sulden am ortl... Ortler 1900-3250m100135170 19-12-8100%cams
50Limone piemont... Limone Piemont... 1050-2042m85128170 19100%97%cams
51Chiesa Chiesa Valmale... 1000-2000m80125170 4-14100%100%cams
52Reschen Reschenpass 1400-2850m60115170 22-8-2cams
53Cogne Cogne 1534-2252m70119168 31-5-183%92%cams
54Misurina Misurina Venet... 1756-2220m100133165 8-13-4100%100%cams
55Corvara Alta Badia 1324-2778m50 70110165 18-13-4100%100%cams
56Santa caterina Santa Caterina... 1740-2725m60 70113159 16-10-798%100%cams
57Tarvisio Tarvisio Monte... 750-1760m3897156 10-52100%100%cams
58Moena Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m40 5075152 4-7-1cams
59Arabba Arabba 1440-3269m121136151 20-10-395%100%cams
60Ratschings Ratschings Jau... 1300-2150m85118150 44-6-1100%93%cams
61Ladurns Ladurns 1140-1900m40 50100150 43-14-4100%100%cams
62Alta pusteria Hochpustertal ... 1130-2200m25 60101146 18-11-4100%100%cams
63Saint rhemy cr... Saint Rhemy Cr... 1570-2460m100100140 77-10-8100%92%cams
64Pinzolo Pinzolo 800-2100m5095140 4-43100%100%cams
65Paganella Paganella 1040-2125m3688140 6-41100%100%cams
66Innichen Hochpustertal ... 1130-2200m20 2576134 11-8-2cams
67Predazzo Val di Fiemme ... 860-2440m80105130 -4398%97%cams
68Cavalese Val di Fiemme ... 860-2440m80105130 5-6-199%100%cams
69Obereggen Val di Fiemme ... 860-2440m80105130 4-11-499%99%cams
70Gitschberg joc... Gitschberg/Mar... 1300-2500m5090130 19-9-2100%100%cams
71Meransen Valle Isarco 1000-2000m5090130 33-8-1cams
72Folgarida Val di Sole 1200-3016m3080130 13-5-196%100%cams
73Marilleva spol... Val di Sole 1200-3016m3080130 8-5-1cams
74Vigo di fassa Val di Fassa C... 1341-2638m3580125 4-9-283%90%cams
75Cortina dampez... Cortina dAmpez... 1224-2950m40 5085123 11-7-494%93%cams
76Valgrisenche Valgrisenche 1662-2050m80100120 91-3-183%72%cams
77Campo felice Rocca di Cambi... -m7095120 21095%97%cams
78Brixen Plose Bressano... 560-1300m30 6080120 11-3397%91%cams
79Maseben Maseben 1900-2400m5085120 4-26100%33%cams
80Domobianca Domobianca - M... 1080-1880m4080120 410100%91%cams
81Forni di sopra Forni di Sopra 880-2075m4080120 5-70100%100%cams
82Sterzing Sterzing Vipit... 960-2189m2573120 40-6-1cams
83Livigno Livigno 1816-2798m92114115 19-9-5100%100%cams
84Pampeago Val di Fiemme ... 860-2440m8090115 7-8-398%97%cams
85Selva Val Gardena Al... 1236-2200m2568111 7-11-5cams
86Foppolo Foppolo 1673-2073m5080110 10-8-157%51%cams
87Falcade Falcade Tre Va... 1150-2428m5080110 12-81cams
88San pellegrino Passo San Pell... 1918-2545m5080110 4-11-6100%100%cams
89Ortisei Val Gardena Al... 1236-2200m3070110 12-8-3cams
90Abetone Abetone 1390-1900m2065110 6-3594%83%cams
91Rosengarten Carezza Ski 1182-2337m7590105 6-9-3100%100%cams
92Welschnofen Karersee Welsc... 1120-2338m7590105 7-8-1100%100%cams
93Gressoney sain... Monte Rosa Ski 1360-2920m3040105 22-3279%84%cams
94Torgnon Torgnon 1515-2245m7085100 31-11100%100%cams
95Colere Colere 1050-2250m6080100 8-5367%78%cams
96Roccaraso Roccaraso Rivi... 1498-2141m5075100 -1891%70%cams
97Schwemmalm Schwemmalm Ult... 1150-2625m5075100 44-15100%100%cams
98Frabosa sopran... Frabosa Sopran... 840-1740m5075100 09100%100%cams
99Plose Eisacktal 1067-2506m3065100 16-11-6cams
100Andalo Paganella 1040-2125m10 356799 8-60100%100%cams
101Monte cimone Cimone 1550-1976m708090 -6065%90%cams
102Auronzo Auronzo 879-1573m507090 9-8-2100%100%cams
103Piancavallo Piancavallo 1300-2200m406590 -81100%100%cams
104Ravascletto Ravascletto Zo... 950-1780m306090 10-82100%100%cams
105Passo rolle San Martino di... 1450-2350m707580 16-11-6100%100%cams
106Macugnaga Macugnaga Mont... 1200-3500m406080 41-4-153%65%cams
107Trafoi Trafoi 1570-2170m406080 14-10-7100%100%cams
108Lizzola Lizzola 1500-2000m305580 9-4120%20%cams
109Piani di bobbi... Piani di Bobbi... 1350-2000m305580 2-91100%100%cams
110San vigilio di... Kronplatz Plan... 1080-1350m205080 19-12-5100%100%cams
111Asiago Asiago 907-2336m4080 -3537%37%cams
112San martino di... San Martino di... 1450-2350m156477 15-9-3100%100%cams
113Seiseralm Alpe di Siusi ... 1000-2000m7475 9-71100%100%cams
114La magdeleine La Magdeleine 1654-1750m506070 31-2150%50%cams
115Chamois Chamois 1816-2470m506070 46-3-1100%100%cams
116Monte bondone Monte Bondone 1184-2090m405570 -16100%97%cams
117Valtournenche Zermatt Breuil... 1520-3883m305070 39100%78%cams
118Bruneck Kronplatz Plan... 1080-1350m154370 18-41100%100%cams
119Kronplatz Kronplatz Plan... 1080-1350m154370 17-14-7100%100%cams
120Folgaria Folgaria Lavar... 1200-1700m365566 -52100%95%cams
121Presolana Presolana Mont... 1500-1880m405060 2-3519%100%cams
122Sankt vigil in... Kronplatz Plan... 1080-1350m153758 12-11-4cams
123Bormio Alta Valtellin... 1225-3012m404553 18-7-279%96%cams
124Ollomont Ollomont 1381-1474m404550 -11100%100%cams
125Montecampione Montecampione ... 1200-2000m203350 -3560%80%cams
126San vito di ca... San Vito di Ca... 1040-1580m304050 7-5-1100%100%cams
127Lavarone Lavarone Rivet... 1180-1600m30 4848 -6493%96%cams
128Crissolo Crissolo Monvi... -m203040 9-2450%29%cams
129Pragelato La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m102540 27-2275%100%cams
130Polsa di breto... Altopiano Bren... 1260-1580m303030 -44cams
131Malcesine Monte Baldo 1260-1749m152330 17100%78%cams
132Nevegal Nevegal 1050-1675m102030 2-10221%33%cams

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, Iski, Snow-depth, ANMSM-Ski France, misc. Bergbahnen. Last snow report update: Sun January 21 2018 04:12:03 PM The snow reports for Italy will be updated from 9:00h till 22.00h between November and June. Most bulletins are submitted between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning CET+1. Only snow bulletins updated within the last 24 hours appear in order to garantee snow depth accuracy.

The snow depth for the upper and lower slopes are reported in centimeters. Skiresorts with at least 10 cm at the summit are listed here. Note: Most skiresorts need at least 30cm on the upper slopes to allow skiing. Even if there is more than 30cm that does not mean the skiresort is open. Always check the latest weather- and snowconditions on the website of the tourist office before booking a trip and travelling to your destination.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snow reports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network. All other people and companies may submit snowreports via our MySkiweather webfacility.

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