Snow reports france

Snow report for ski resorts in france on Thu Jan 18. Average snow depth on lower, middle and upper slopes (cm), fresh snow in the last 48h and temperature (°C),

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes for your ski destination?

rank country resort lower middle upper last 48h temp lo temp hi lifts slopes cams tourism
1Morillon Le Grand Massi... 900-2500m35220334 17-1473%25%cams
2Flaine Le Grand Massi... 900-2500m110220330 75-6-257%25%cams
3La rosiere Espace San Ber... 1441-2641m180 195258322 27-1133%11%cams
4Orelle Trois Vallees 1300-3200m220270320 34-3314%72%cams
5Peisey valland... Paradiski 1250-3250m120208319 77-7-370%52%cams
6Montgenevre La Voie Lactee 1359-2823m290304318 18-6-158%13%cams
7Montchavin les... Paradiski 1250-3250m40170318 76-6-279%80%cams
8Val disere Espace Killy 1550-3456m210263315 64-10-693%33%cams
9Tignes Espace Killy 1550-3456m198 208262315 72-10-663%82%cams
10Les arcs Paradiski 1250-3250m10213312 86-9-460%67%cams
11Champagny en v... Paradiski 1250-3250m40248310 80-5088%79%cams
12Sainte foy en ... Sainte Foy 1550-2620m125 135215303 71-5080%63%cams
13La plagne Paradiski 1250-3250m175238300 69-9-683%84%cams
14Bonneval sur a... Bonneval sur A... 1800-3000m230260290 59-10-648%41%cams
15Samoens Le Grand Massi... 900-2500m40 90143278 18-1368%46%cams
16Les menuires Trois Vallees 1300-3200m141 191222262 73-9-463%23%cams
17Brides les bai... Trois Vallees 1300-3200m109186262 30-1341%21%cams
18Val cenis Val Cenis 1400-2800m80 85173260 41-5165%99%cams
19Montriond Portes du Sole... 930-2460m170213255 28-4059%47%cams
20Meribel Trois Vallees 1300-3200m100 110182255 71-6-263%21%cams
21La tania Trois Vallees 1300-3200m143 180208241 64-6-171%79%cams
22Molines en que... Molines en Que... 1750-2850m180210240 11-9-269%97%cams
23Alpe dhuez Alpe dHuez Vau... 1120-3330m167204240 59-7-182%77%cams
24Areches beaufo... Areches Beaufo... 1030-2300m80160240 52-3123%3%cams
25Pra loup Pra Loup Val d... 1500-2600m80160240 22-8-158%cams
26Gourette Gourette 1350-2450m40140240 23-2265%69%cams
27Courchevel Trois Vallees 1300-3200m143 159197235 70-8-481%88%cams
28Le puy saint v... Puy Saint Vinc... 1400-2700m120 170200230 20-5-133%38%cams
29La giettaz en ... La Giettaz 1100-1930m120175230 54-5-171%84%cams
30Karellis Les Karellis 1600-2520m116173230 55-7-138%21%cams
31Saint martin d... Trois Vallees 1300-3200m1010230 77-6-161%22%cams
32Avoriaz Portes du Sole... 930-2460m155 170198229 41-7-350%29%cams
33La toussuire Les Sybelles 1500-2600m120 125165226 49-8-366%18%cams
34Combloux Megeve Saint G... 850-2500m110 120160226 51-3171%84%cams
35Val thorens Trois Vallees 1300-3200m200 210218225 52-12-782%44%cams
36La clusaz Massif des Ara... 1000-2600m40133225 53-4-178%68%cams
37Les karellis Les Karellis 1600-2520m116168223 44-6-166%61%cams
38Valmeinier Valloire Valme... 1400-2600m130175220 34-6-152%21%cams
39Valloire Valloire Valme... 1400-2600m130175220 41-5052%2%cams
40Argentiere Argentiere 1250-3250m80150220 95-5-173%cams
41Chamonix Chamonix 1035-3300m80150220 63-4-157%48%cams
42La norma La Norma 1350-2750m40130220 51-7-243%41%cams
43Serre chevalie... Serre Chevalie... 1200-2800m71145219 28-6167%48%cams
44Sauze supersau... Sauze Supersau... 1400-2400m35123217 4-435%3%cams
45Vars La Foret Blanc... 1650-2750m160188215 17-6-167%46%cams
46Risoul La Foret Blanc... 1650-2750m160188215 10-2268%70%cams
47Valmorel Le Grand Domai... 1150-2550m84149213 74-5-122%6%cams
48Isola 2000 Isola 2000 2000-2610m115 130170210 -4065%47%cams
49La pierre sain... La Pierre St M... 1527-2153m120165210 20-2273%92%cams
50Saint colomban... Les Sybelles 1500-2600m55133210 10-2156%59%cams
51Super sauze Super Sauze 1400-2400m35123210 -4350%92%cams
52Saint sorlin d... Les Sybelles 1500-2600m98 105155205 64-7-254%8%cams
53Le corbier Les Sybelles 1500-2600m90 105155205 15-2252%14%cams
54Les contamines Les Contamines... 1100-2487m30115203 63-4-151%59%cams
55Les orres Les Orres 1550-2720m130165200 22-4-177%69%cams
56Oz en oisans Alpe dHuez Vau... 1120-3330m80120200 33-3255%45%cams
57Vaujany Alpe dHuez Vau... 1120-3330m50 60130200 63-4073%45%cams
58Les carroz Le Grand Massi... 900-2500m38117195 80-7-365%75%cams
59Megeve Megeve Saint G... 850-2500m50120194 57-3076%67%cams
60La foux Pra Loup Val d... 1500-2600m120155190 cams
61Le seignus Pra Loup Val d... 1500-2600m120155190 14-43cams
62Saint gervais Megeve Saint G... 850-2500m75 105140185 63-2279%93%cams
63Pralognan la v... Pralognan 1410-2355m78 84130181 66-6-128%37%cams
64Crest voland c... Espace Diamant 1000-2070m100 130155180 64-4-135%26%cams
65Notre dame de ... Espace Diamant 1000-2070m110145180 68-3074%cams
66Praz sur arly Espace Diamant 1000-2070m100140180 53-30100%100%cams
67Flumet Espace Diamant 1000-2070m100140180 30-3245%40%cams
68Les saisies Espace Diamant 1000-2070m143 177177 61-6-353%21%cams
69Porte puymoren... Porte Puymoren... 1600-2500m70 80125177 2-3170%69%cams
70Piau engaly Piau Engaly 1850-2600m125 130153176 -5-161%40%cams
71Le grand borna... Massif des Ara... 1000-2600m53112176 30-3089%100%cams
72Val dallos Pra Loup Val d... 1500-2600m100 120140175 20-8-110%29%cams
73Reallon Reallon 1560-2146m100135170 23-5075%69%cams
74Crevoux Crevoux 1550-2550m75123170 6-11-280%88%cams
75Les deux alpes Les 2 Alpes 1300-3600m70120170 57-8-159%23%cams
76Cauterets Les Cauterets 1300-2500m130145160 60471%78%cams
77Praz de lys Praz de Lys So... 1500-2000m120140160 55-6-377%67%cams
78Chamrousse Chamrousse 1600-2250m75 80118160 55-5-183%84%cams
79Manigod Manigod 1500-1810m75118160 53-4076%77%cams
80Orcieres merle... Orcieres Merle... 1850-2725m120 159159 21-7050%12%cams
81Pelvoux vallou... -m100125158 21-50cams
82Saint lary sou... Saint Lary Sou... 880-2500m50 80105156 2647%27%cams
83Les houches Les Houches 1000-1900m3085156 60-41100%100%cams
84Auron Auron 1600-2450m95125155 4-8095%98%cams
85Saint francois... Le Grand Domai... 1150-2550m85120155 69-6-171%54%cams
86Thollon les me... Thollon les Me... 1000-2000m20 2590155 190198%85%cams
87Chatel Portes du Sole... 930-2460m50 60105153 43-4043%64%cams
88Les angles Les Angles 1600-2400m120145150 61039%41%cams
89Valfrejus Val Frejus 1550-2737m80115150 25-8-296%70%cams
90Ax les thermes Ax les Thermes... 1400-2305m75113150 3784%89%cams
91Les gets Portes du Sole... 930-2460m50100150 57-5096%93%cams
92Les sept laux Prapoutel Les ... 1350-2400m50100150 40433%32%cams
93Saint jean dau... Roc d'Enfer 950-1800m40 9091149 21-4044%30%cams
94Luchon superba... Luchon Superba... 1440-2260m80110148 3677%86%cams
95Bessans Bessans 1750-2200m126133140 58-10-433%33%cams
96Aussois Aussois 1500-2750m80 90115140 53-8-238%54%cams
97La grave La Grave 1350-3550m80105136 83-7-159%cams
98Font romeu Font Romeu 1600-2250m130130130 -5486%71%cams
99Bareges La Mongie Tour... 1750-2500m90110130 29-13cams
100Peyragudes Peyragudes 1600-2400m90110130 7-3088%86%cams
101Les aillons Aillons Marger... 1000-1900m3078130 7-1478%85%cams
102Saint pierre d... Saint Pierre d... 900-1800m68130 25-2254%62%cams
103Les albiez Albiez Montron... 1500-2200m120125125 54-7-210%4%cams
104La joue du lou... Superdevoluy 1500-2500m80100120 43-6-1cams
105Superdevoluy Superdevoluy 1500-2500m80100120 25-4054%59%cams
106Sainte anne la... Sainte Anne 1830-2400m60120 10100%62%cams
107Saint jean mon... Saint Jean Mon... 1350-2505m1063115 14-32cams
108Formigueres Formigueres Py... 1700-2400m6085110 2-23100%100%cams
109Villard de lan... Villard de Lan... 1143-2050m35 4065106 12-2161%45%cams
110Auris en oisan... Auris en oisan... 1600-2200m100103105 57-6091%71%cams
111La mongie La Mongie Tour... 1750-2500m8090105 17-4154%68%cams
112Chabanon Chabanon 1550-2050m70 7588100 12-23100%100%cams
113Autrans Autrans 1050-1710m7085100 10-2186%94%cams
114Correncon en v... Villard de Lan... 1143-2050m3568100 13-3283%78%cams
115Lans en vercor... Villard de Lan... 1143-2050m30 356397 10-2352%93%cams
116Passy Passy Plaine J... 1360-1750m607590 2305100%100%cams
117Meaudre Meaudre 1000-1600m306090 10-1180%88%cams
118Les rousses Les Rousses 1120-1680m205590 56-3-150%75%cams
119Le lioran Le Lioran 1160-1850m506885 19-3166%45%cams
120Beille Beille 1450-2100m637383 2-3250%56%cams
121Superbesse Besse Superbes... 1350-1850m707580 54-7-277%93%cams
122Le semnoz Semnoz 1350-1704m506580 36-32100%100%cams
123Orex metabief Orex Metabief 900-1420m154574 22-2165%77%cams
124Bernex Bernex Norther... 1000-2000m7074 17-1081%73%cams
125Guzet Guzet 1100-2100m506073 7-2377%79%cams
126Chastreix-sanc... Chastreix-sanc... 1350-1850m606568 27-2184%74%cams
127Bellevaux la c... Roc d'Enfer 950-1800m505868 1873%85%cams
128La chapelle da... Portes du Sole... 930-2460m556065 26-3111%85%cams
129Chalmazel Chalmazel -m204060 4-1225%13%cams
130Valberg Valberg 1430-2100m455055 12-7230%50%cams
131Saint hilaire ... Saint Hilaire ... 1000-1400m304053 15-2180%70%cams
132Le sappey en c... Le Sappey en C... 960-1350m103050 11-13cams
133Hautacam Hautacam Pyren... 1500-1813m253545 25cams
134Lac blanc Lac Blanc 900-1200m25 303542 41-3-168%49%cams
135Le markstein Le Markstein G... 1000-1424m303540 4-2288%73%cams
136Ventron Ventron 870-1110m253340 37-2186%30%cams
137La bresse La Bresse Hohn... 950-1350m101040 31-2163%62%cams
138Gerardmer Gerardmer 750-1150m202835 30-2056%86%cams
139Mont saxonnex Mont Saxonnex 1100-1570m1835 25-3157%50%cams

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, Iski, Snow-depth, ANMSM-Ski France, misc. Bergbahnen. Last snow report update: 2018-01-17 22:00h The snow reports for France will be updated from 9:00h till 22.00h between November and June. Most bulletins are submitted between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning CET+1. Only snow bulletins updated within the last 24 hours appear in order to garantee snow depth accuracy.

The snow depth for the upper and lower slopes are reported in centimeters. Skiresorts with at least 10 cm at the summit are listed here. Note: Most skiresorts need at least 30cm on the upper slopes to allow skiing. Even if there is more than 30cm that does not mean the skiresort is open. Always check the latest weather- and snowconditions on the website of the tourist office before booking a trip and travelling to your destination.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snow reports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network. All other people and companies may submit snowreports via our MySkiweather webfacility.

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