Snow reports germany

Snow report for ski resorts in germany on Tue Jan 16. Average snow depth on lower, middle and upper slopes (cm), fresh snow in the last 48h and temperature (°C),

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes for your ski destination?

rank country resort lower middle upper last 48h temp lo temp hi lifts slopes cams tourism
1Zugspitze Garmisch Parte... 720-2830m145290 22-16-1133%18%cams
2Ifen Walmendingerho... 1280-2030m40155270 314100%100%cams
3Hirschegg Fellhorn Kanze... 920-1967m40155270 32-21cams
4Mittenwald Mittenwald 912-2244m30115200 16-31cams
5Aschau im chie... Region Chiemga... 610-1664m3090150 10-13cams
6Garmisch parte... Garmisch Parte... 720-2830m3088145 13-3294%95%cams
7Fischen Hornergruppe 760-1800m100115130 51425%cams
8Oberstdorf Oberstdorf Kle... 815-2224m20 4060121 140491%91%cams
9Grasgehren Grasgehren 1400-1700m120120120 32480%100%cams
10Ofterschwang Oberstaufen 750-1708m6090120 14-1486%82%cams
11Reit im winkl Reit im Winkl 1160-1869m4482120 10-23100%100%cams
12Wendelstein Wendelstein Ob... 800-1800m60120 44525%cams
13Schwarzenberg Schwarzenberg ... 700-1467m4075113 0470%67%cams
14Balderschwang Hornergruppe 760-1800m100105110 160285%94%cams
15Spitzingsee Spitzingsee Sc... 980-1693m7090110 16-21100%100%cams
16Fellhorn Fellhorn Kanze... 920-1967m2060100 12-1354%100%cams
17Nesselwang Ostallgau 796-1720m20 457095 613100%100%cams
18Arber Arber 1050-1450m708090 18-6-383%92%cams
19Sudelfeld Bayrischzell S... 800-1560m205590 13-5-193%87%cams
20Lenggries Lenggries 700-1700m205590 60694%cams
21Oberaudorf Oberaudorf Hoc... 600-1100m154388 10-2267%50%cams
22Bodenmais Bodenmais 570-1456m304583 19-11100%100%cams
23Thalkirchdorf Oberstaufen 750-1708m505580 414100%cams
24Oberstaufen Oberstaufen 750-1708m506580 513100%cams
25Ruhpolding Region Chiemga... 610-1664m406080 9-1465%89%cams
26Oberammergau Oberammergau 835-1670m27 405580 9-13cams
27Bischofsgrun Bischofsgrun 645-1024m205080 3201100%cams
28Hochfelln Chiemgau 610-1664m4080 14-7-3cams
29Oberjoch Hindelang Ober... 1055-1559m506070 15-1217%100%cams
30Ramsau -m305070 9-71cams
31Inzell Region Chiemga... 610-1664m404565 9-1471%100%cams
32Oy mittelberg Walmendinger H... 1124-1990m414161 13-13cams
33Gotschen Gotschen 880-1307m304560 414100%50%cams
34Kreuth Hirschberglift... 800-950m304560 20680%50%cams
35Immenstadt im ... Mittag Ski Cen... 730-1452m3060 1550%13%cams
36Fichtelberg Fichtelberg 912-1215m455055 32-1192%81%cams
37Oberwiesenthal Oberwiesenthal... 910-1215m455052 19-3083%80%cams
38Sankt englmar Sankt Englmar 650-1048m153350 13-3231%42%cams
39Freudenstadt Freudenstadt 591-938m2550 1223cams
40Rossfeld Rossfeld 800-1600m2550 626100%50%cams
41Obersalzberg Obersalzberg O... 630-1800m454549 8-1375%74%cams
42Feldberg Oberstdorf Kle... 815-2224m11 202846 33-1058%94%cams
43Bad wiessee Bad Wiessee 735-1620m354045 1403100%100%cams
44Braunlage Braunlage 550-975m82745 20-2175%65%cams
45Grainet Grainet Bayris... 600-1100m2040 8-24cams
46Baiersbronn Baiersbronn 500-1000m2040 102322%67%cams
47Belchen Schwarzwaldreg... 520-1414m102335 31-20100%100%cams
48Muggenbrunn Muggenbrunn Sc... 980-1243m2035 71650%50%cams
49Bernau m schwa... Bernau im Schw... 930-1415m1530 81640%100%cams

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, Iski, Snow-depth, ANMSM-Ski France, misc. Bergbahnen. Last snow report update: Tue January 16 2018 04:12:08 PM The snow reports for Germany will be updated from 9:00h till 22.00h between November and June. Most bulletins are submitted between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning CET+1. Only snow bulletins updated within the last 24 hours appear in order to garantee snow depth accuracy.

The snow depth for the upper and lower slopes are reported in centimeters. Skiresorts with at least 10 cm at the summit are listed here. Note: Most skiresorts need at least 30cm on the upper slopes to allow skiing. Even if there is more than 30cm that does not mean the skiresort is open. Always check the latest weather- and snowconditions on the website of the tourist office before booking a trip and travelling to your destination.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snow reports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network. All other people and companies may submit snowreports via our MySkiweather webfacility.

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