Snow reports switzerland

Snow report for ski resorts in switzerland on Sun Jan 21. Average snow depth on lower, middle and upper slopes (cm), fresh snow in the last 48h and temperature (°C),

What is the minimum amount of snow in cm you need for the upper slopes for your ski destination?

rank country resort lower middle upper last 48h temp lo temp hi lifts slopes cams tourism
1Andermatt Andermatt 1444-2963m95 150300481 61-6-341%18%cams
2Crans sur sier... Crans Montana 1500-3000m90283475 27-1581%76%cams
3Saas fee Saastal 1483-3600m130190462 49-7-532%26%cams
4Crans montana Crans Montana 1500-3000m75 90243443 35-1154%41%cams
5Lauchernalp Lauchernalp Lo... 1400-3111m130279427 47-4067%64%cams
6Murren Jungfrau Top S... 1000-2500m115250386 72-5-288%cams
7Flims laax fal... Flims Laax Fal... 1100-3018m57 75212352 45-4-223%7%cams
8Morzine Portes du Sole... 930-2460m60193325 371293%84%cams
9Verbier Les Quatre Val... 1400-3330m90205320 71-1071%66%cams
10Zermatt Zermatt Breuil... 1520-3883m180240303 55-6-423%4%cams
11Les marecottes Les Marecottes... 1100-2200m15159303 56-33100%64%cams
12Melchsee frutt Melchsee Frutt 1080-2250m190245300 70-7-336%31%cams
13Nax Nax Valais 1490-2640m100200300 49-32100%100%cams
14Blatten Belalp Blatten 1300-3112m60180300 65-9-5cams
15Belalp Belalp Blatten 1300-3112m61180299 52-6-491%43%cams
16Anzere Anzere 1500-2420m30 40145293 70-2-126%2%cams
17Elm in sernfta... Elm Matt 1000-2100m30160290 27-4070%68%cams
18Leukerbad Leukerbad 1411-2700m165218287 54-11-798%92%cams
19Ovronnaz Ovronnaz 1350-2500m60165279 45-4210%3%cams
20Veysonnaz Les Quatre Val... 1400-3330m20180275 550157%66%cams
21Bellwald Aletsch 1925-2335m200235270 43-4-290%49%cams
22Sorenberg Sorenberg 1170-2350m115193270 56-2188%75%cams
23Saint croix Ste Croix Les ... 1100-1600m70170270 1307cams
24Davos klosters Davos Klosters... 810-2844m108 155189266 31-7-447%28%cams
25Grimentz Grimentz Zinal 1570-2900m95 100180265 77-3-183%49%cams
26Unterbach Unterbach Eisc... 1240-2500m40150260 56-3-125%40%cams
27Thyon Thyon Les Coll... 1300-3300m20140260 69-2-296%100%cams
28Nendaz Les Quatre Val... 1400-3330m20140260 370364%62%cams
29Zinal Grimentz Zinal 1570-2900m95177259 39-50100%cams
30La tzoumaz Les Quatre Val... 1400-3330m100170240 86-1089%100%cams
31Grindelwald Jungfrau Top S... 1000-2500m10 32115234 60-1272%69%cams
32Lenzerheide Arosa Lenzerhe... 1249-2865m100 120173233 51-7-467%43%cams
33Scuol Scuol Motta Na... 1250-2783m70128233 8-4-180%73%cams
34Hochwang Hochwang 1515-2284m160195230 37-6-350%75%cams
35Saas almagell Saastal 1483-3600m70110230 14-2288%92%cams
36Bettmeralp Aletsch 1925-2335m220224229 49-5-278%37%cams
37Zuoz Zuoz 2000-3000m76 110120229 25-12-2100%100%cams
38Riederalp Aletsch 1925-2335m218223228 50-4-275%37%cams
39Meiringen hasl... Meiringen Hasl... 1062-2433m10 40104227 63562%32%cams
40Champex Champex 1486-2194m95160224 72-2-150%7%cams
41Grachen Grachen 1620-2868m80150221 60-3-178%66%cams
42Burchen Burchen Torbel 1480-2550m160190220 60-2078%72%cams
43Bosco gurin Bosco Gurin 1480-2400m210210215 70-7-250%cams
44Fiesch Aletsch 1925-2335m190208213 430178%37%cams
45Braunwald Braunwald 1256-1905m100150207 71-5-245%57%cams
46Airolo Airolo 1071-2256m90147204 49-4-2100%100%cams
47Rosswald Aletsch 1925-2335m180190200 46-2135%20%cams
48Jeizinen Jeizinen 1700-2200m100150200 2424100%cams
49Torgon Portes du Sole... 930-2460m70135200 630271%97%cams
50Unterwasser Toggenburg 900-2262m50125200 59-21cams
51Grusch-danusa Grusch Danusa 630-1800m50125200 65-7073%47%cams
52Toggenburg Toggenburg 900-2262m50125200 26-2341%57%cams
53Visperterminen Visperterminen... 1340-2200m20110200 31-3160%cams
54Disentis sedru... Disentis Sedru... 1150-2920m60150192 61-6-239%50%cams
55Wengen Jungfrau Top S... 1000-2500m27 5075192 42-1163%69%cams
56Obergoms Goms Oberwald 1255-2080m155173190 79-4-225%10%cams
57Arolla Arolla 2000-3000m140165190 78-7-443%64%cams
58Bad ragaz Pizol Bad Raga... 500-2250m140165190 63-5-29%58%cams
59Leysin Leysin Les Mos... 1253-2205m40 60123189 67-4-295%94%cams
60Gstaad Gstaad Mountai... 948-3000m30150188 57-1052%64%cams
61Pizol Pizol Bad Raga... 500-2250m140155186 75-15-139%65%cams
62Tschiertschen Tschiertschen 1350-2400m130145185 19-7-237%82%cams
63Saint luc chan... Saint Luc Chan... 1650-3000m60123185 14-2060%23%cams
64Brigels Brigels 1100-2418m85133180 38-4067%71%cams
65Chur Chur Brambrues... 595-2100m1598180 360180%50%cams
66Les diablerets Villars Gryon ... 1110-3000m4088171 64-2-178%64%cams
67La fouly Val Ferret La ... 1600-2200m166168170 74-5-275%45%cams
68Tschappina Thusis Tschapp... 1240-2200m130150170 42-6-450%83%cams
69Heinzenberg Sarn Heinzenbe... 1300-1700m130150170 39-11-1100%cams
70Arosa Arosa Lenzerhe... 1249-2865m100 120135170 27-10-668%43%cams
71Val mustair Val Mustair Gr... 2000-2700m105138170 22-7-4100%50%cams
72Evolene Evolene 1400-2600m90130170 69-1187%83%cams
73Savognin Savognin 1200-2713m4090166 23-4147%33%cams
74Adelboden Adelboden Lenk 1068-2400m14 50103165 122-3-162%81%cams
75Champery Portes du Sole... 930-2460m70115164 72-2084%49%cams
76Sankt moritz Sankt Moritz C... 1800-3057m90 100115163 29-7-254%16%cams
77Samnaun Ischgl Samnaun 1377-2872m60105163 24-8-478%76%cams
78Flumserberg Flumserberg 1200-2222m120 130135161 72-3-135%100%cams
79Morgins Portes du Sole... 930-2460m70115160 50-1294%91%cams
80Silvaplana Oberengadin 1730-3303m60100160 6-6-164%cams
81Vercorin Vercorin 1336-2378m3578160 42-1171%57%cams
82Saanenmoser Gstaad Mountai... 948-3000m3095160 250398%87%cams
83Splugen Splugen Rheinw... 1457-2215m90123155 19-5083%60%cams
84Fideris Fideris Graubu... 905-2844m50103155 41-7-567%100%cams
85Celerina Sankt Moritz C... 1800-3057m100119154 25-8-539%16%cams
86Villars gryon Villars Gryon ... 1110-3000m40 6098153 52-5-477%77%cams
87Maloja Oberengadin 1730-3303m77153 17-10-7100%cams
88Feldis Feldis 1500-2000m120135150 45-6-450%cams
89Cari Cari 1650-2300m100125150 46-71100%90%cams
90San bernardino San Bernardino 1600-2600m73146 59-8-1100%100%cams
91Sils maria Oberengadin 1730-3303m76103141 14-9-664%cams
92Giswil Giswil Morlial... 480-1850m60100140 41-3-167%43%cams
93Beckenried Klewenalp Stoc... 1500-2001m70140 163671%32%cams
94Klewenalp Klewenalp Stoc... 1500-2001m70140 49-5-293%95%cams
95Pontresina Pontresina 1720-3005m90115139 31-6-276%cams
96Hoch ybrig Hoch Ybrig Cen... 900-1856m5090137 11-1394%83%cams
97Saas grund Saastal 1483-3600m30 4080137 18-3175%cams
98Samedan Samedan 1720-1850m80105135 35-11-467%67%cams
99Mythen stoos Mythen Stoos 1280-1922m80105132 89-4-293%86%cams
100Bivio Bivio 1769-2560m80113130 22-9-760%94%cams
101Ebenalp Ebenalp Schwen... 900-1726m1070130 35-1520%20%cams
102Diavolezza Diavolezza 2100-3000m100112124 17-18-1529%33%cams
103Bergun Bergun Bravuog... 1373-2570m7095120 38-9-680%80%cams
104Kandersteg Oeschinensee K... 1200-1950m63120 80-11-789%86%cams
105Brienz Axalp ob Brien... 560-2360m7595115 133567%15%cams
106Avers Avers 2000-2600m105105112 24-12-1167%13%cams
107Frutigen Elsigenalp Met... 1250-2300m3065100 2124100%93%cams
108Ibergeregg Mythen Stoos 1280-1922m105 9090 84-52100%cams
109Les mosses Leysin Les Mos... 1253-2205m607385 70-4-292%100%cams
110Obersaxen mund... Obersaxen Val ... 1244-2300m667380 29-4079%80%cams
111Amden Amden 950-1700m305580 63-2458%41%cams
112Moleson sur gr... Moleson Gruyer... 1100-2002m204570 30-13100%71%cams
113Charmey Charmey 876-1612m3365 16-24100%67%cams
114Schwellbrunn Schwellbrunn A... 850-1048m606060 53-32cams
115La berra La Berra La Ro... 1062-1500m405060 47-4-260%78%cams
116Beatenberg Jungfrau Top S... 1000-2500m3360 -4-1cams
117Les rasses Ste Croix Les ... 1100-1600m404550 29-1189%80%cams
118Bumbach Bumbach Schang... 920-1365m404550 1304100%100%cams
119Bugnenets Bugnenets-Sava... 1090-1460m304050 -5-2100%100%cams
120Kiental Kiental Bernes... 1000-1411m2850 48-4083%100%cams
121Rigi Rigi 1320-1660m364146 110496%60%cams
122Sattel Sattel Hochstu... 779-1530m203345 02100%86%cams
123Brunni haggene... Mythen Stoos 1280-1922m101043 -4-257%7%cams
124Rigi scheidegg Rigi 1320-1660m303540 -5-2100%100%cams
125Marbach Marbach 874-1500m2040 -51100%30%cams

Source: Skiresort Representative Network, SME Reps, GFS Snow Forecast, UTI Innsbruck GMBH, Iski, Snow-depth, ANMSM-Ski France, misc. Bergbahnen. Last snow report update: Sun January 21 2018 04:12:02 PM The snow reports for Switzerland will be updated from 9:00h till 22.00h between November and June. Most bulletins are submitted between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning CET+1. Only snow bulletins updated within the last 24 hours appear in order to garantee snow depth accuracy.

The snow depth for the upper and lower slopes are reported in centimeters. Skiresorts with at least 10 cm at the summit are listed here. Note: Most skiresorts need at least 30cm on the upper slopes to allow skiing. Even if there is more than 30cm that does not mean the skiresort is open. Always check the latest weather- and snowconditions on the website of the tourist office before booking a trip and travelling to your destination.

Tourist offices and bergbahnen are welcome to register and submit snow reports at a regular basis (no cost involved): skiresort representative network. All other people and companies may submit snowreports via our MySkiweather webfacility.

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