Disentis Sedrun Graubunden Switzerland

alt. 1150m

Disentis 3000 Graubunden


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Disentis Parlet

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Lai Alv

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Sedrun Sud

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Disentis Dorf

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Disentis Dorf

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Weather report

Patchy light rain forecasted today. Temperature low 0 °C, high 3 °C. Freezing level at 2114 meters.

Weather today

Weather outlook


Avalanche risk level Tuesday January 23

Avalanche risk 5

Snow forecast

5-day snow forecast

lower 19cm middle 34cm upper 42cm

The upper slopes will receive 42cm in the next 5 days

Snow depth

Snow report Tuesday January 23

lower 50 - 60cm middle 150cm upper 240cm

Snow condition fresh cover. 63cm of fresh snow during the last 48h Disentis Sedrun is one of the best best destinations in the Alps the next 3 days for powder and free riding skiing.

Snow anomaly

182 %

Average long-year snow depth in week 04 is 39cm on the lower slopes and 132cm on the upper slopes. Current snow depth is above long-term average.


The powder score for the lower slopes is 2 and the score for the upper slopes is 5.


33 %
3 of 10 lifts in operation


33 %
36 of 110km slopes open

Snow sure

Score based on 10yr avg snow depth and temperature


Disentis Sedrun is a safe choice for skiing.

Ski area

The ski area of Disentis Sedrun consists of 110km of skiing slopes between 1150-2920m altitude. There are 40km of blue, 50km of red and 20km of black slopes. the skiarea is serviced by 10 lifts.The ski season for the Sedrun area is from 2017-11-24.

Ski map


We went there in Jan 2009. It was because, first, we heard that it was a beginner friendly ski resort. Second, we got a good deal to stay 3 nights at the lovely hotel Montana, including simple break..


Closest transit point for ski destination Disentis Sedrun is Zurich airport. The travel distance is 142 km which equals an est. travel time of 2 hours 2 mins.

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